5 comments on “Peter Jackson releases ‘The Hobbit’ dwarves photos

  1. Thank you very much for putting the names to the faces. I always had a hard time remembering all thirteen, but it was even worse trying to figure out who was who when the full company photo was released.

  2. Jackson’s interpretations are to say the least: painful. Thanks for posting these though. You are helping by putting the early cushion on my disappointment.

    The dwarves all had particular colours to their cloaks that I do not see represented here. Jackson seems afraid of any colour besides green, black, and earth-tones. The dwarves look a little too Conan the Barbarian here for my taste. I will wait to see how they are treated in the movies.

    If you are ever in the mood for a beautifully illustrated version of the Hobbit, great for kids or adults, check out this graphic novel: http://www.amazon.com/Hobbit-Graphic-Novel-Charles-Dixon/dp/0913035807/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1316034180&sr=8-1

  3. I can’t wait for the hobbit! however, I have decided that Kili is definitely not a dwarf – he is an elf with stubble.
    come visit my new LotR site – sfhobbits.wordpress.com

  4. I’m impressed! Though, I do miss the color coded cloaks. I’m sure they’ll pop up somewhere. Kevin, thanks for explaining all the crazy connections between The Hobbit and LOTR. I never would have picked them up on my own. As for Kili, we have to remember that Dwarves live for hundreds of years. He has lots of time to grow into a nasty, gnarly old dwarf. I happen to like the young look. Rawr.

  5. Thorin’s Beard is pathetic. Fili and Kili I can forgive, (with difficulty), as an interpretation on young dwarves. Thorim is 195 years old… with the shortest adult dwarf beard and NO gray hair? He’s obviously supposed to be eye candy, and I guess long beard’s aren’t attractive.

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